Examples of Mentoring Programs in the workplace

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A leadership mentoring program focuses on developing leadership skills. The goal is to get the mentee ready for moving the ladder of success. Preparing and training your high-potential team in the organization to make them grow and take the leadership position demand a well-crafted in-house mentoring program.

Mentoring for Talent and Career Development

If you haven’t yet given mentoring a chance, you could be missing out on opportunities of elevating your workforce.  Talent and career mentoring program can increase employee retention and engagement significantly. This program comprises of many elements of standard mentoring along with some qualities of mentoring for leadership development.

Mentoring for onboarding employees

Mentoring for onboarding provides new hires with all the necessary tools for functioning well and adapting to the organization quickly. A mentor is assigned to each mentee for peer mentoring. This promotes a great employee experience from the start, establishes a healthy transition in the new company culture.

Reverse Mentoring

Reverse mentoring is a unique way of fostering new skills and creativity. A junior team member mentors a senior member for exchanging knowledge, skills, and understanding. The traditional way of mentoring is reversed. This type of relationship helps the executives become familiar with current trends, social media, or technology..

Mentoring for Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion mentoring has obvious benefits for the mentee and the mentors. Women minority is most likely to benefit from such a program. An organization could even be preparing women leaders through such an initiative. Programs like these are also beneficial for attracting and retaining diverse talent.

Mentoring for Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a broad term. An organization can demonstrate it in a variety of ways including employee volunteering, donations, or implementing safe environmental processes. CSR mentoring is mostly enabled through engaged employees by providing mentoring to under represented groups in the society.

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Mentoring for healthy company culture

Positive company culture matters because it attracts top talent, drives performance, and impacts the satisfaction of employees. To foster healthy company culture, an organization can develop a mentoring program and spread positivity all around. If you are working on mentoring for diversity and inclusion, you must work on company culture mentoring as well

Mentoring for graduate recruitment programs

Graduate recruitment mentoring is a valuable tool for building up a healthy recruiting pipeline and retaining top talent and increasing employee satisfaction. A well-defined recruiting with mentoring scheme enables the recent grads to make new acquaintances in their new team. It also helps them feel more comfortable in their role.

Peer mentoring

Peer mentoring refers to a one-on-one relationship in the work between employees at the same level. It is also called as “Buddy systems”. It has two-fold benefits. The first is the sharing of job knowledge. This means transferring technical knowledge and soft skills. The second benefit is psychosocial support. It is important to have close friendships and trusted partners.

Community mentoring programs

Community mentoring programs are normally organized by a non-profit or an NGO to give back to society.  The organization members depending on their course can be matched as mentors and mentees in the mentoring programs. For instance youngsters are socially matched with a range of passionate volunteers from within the community. The mentors support the young mentees. Thy get to understand themselves, open up to the mentor, and navigate through the challenges they are facing in life.

Alumni mentoring programs

Alumni mentoring is a meaningful and rewarding program for students. It helps universities engage alumni and provide new students with mentoring, giving them access to a network of professionals. These professionals share valuable insight and even advise the fresh graduates to prepare them for the world after graduation. Alumni networks mentoring is beneficial for both the mentor and mentees. This scheme is mostly applied by university alumni associations, educational institution and non-profits.

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